Quote of the week (7/20/15)

Quote of the week: Anger is a feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind. 


Hopefully I am not alone in feeling like this quote is a good reminder for those times of frustration and annoyance. I am known for using some not so pleasant words, saying things I don’t mean and words I can’t ever take back. Often the people I love most are the same people who are on the receiving end of these anger-filled statements. Taking a moment to think before I speak; to breath before I steam; to stop before I go.

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Quote of the week (7/6/15)

Quote of the week:  Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy. 

Quote of the week (7/6/15)

I know I’m not alone; wishing for a different body, more money, less stress… the list goes on and on.  This came to me this weekend as I am at the pool, playing with my adorable kids who could care less about what mommy looks like in her swimsuit.  I know that if I could spend less time wishing and more time enjoying, my life would be fuller and happier. I need to focus on my original and quit trying to be someone else.

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Quote of the week: 6/29/15te

Quote of the week: The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.  – Oprah Winfrey 

Quote.062915Such a wise woman, that Oprah!

Never one to shy away from a celebration, I love this quote. With that being said though, even I fall into that nasty habit of negativity and selfishness. All too often I find myself complaining about the things going wrong in my life instead of celebrating the all that is going right.  Last week, with the SCOTUS ruling, it showed me that there is really a lot of support out there for love and that is definitely something to be celebrated.

Enjoy this holiday week – take lots of time to celebrate!

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Quote of the Week (6/22/15)

Quote of the week:  Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. 

Quote.062215Call it a personality flaw, but balance is something I have never been good at.  Whether it means taking on too many meetings in a day or trying to figure out how to make edible slime for a 3-year old birthday party 2 hours before the guests arrive, I have always taken on more than I can chew.

Last week was case in point of this behavior, I had carpet installed, an air conditioner that needed to be fixed, a business trip to Nebraska, baseball, my son’s birthday party, father’s day, a 10K run (I should have been training for), and that’s all on top of the regular weekly must-dos (laundry, groceries, cleaning, work, etc).  This week my calendar tells me that balance might be a lot more reasonable to find.  So that’s the goal.

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Quote of the week (5/25/15)

Quote of the week:  Make today worth remembering.


With yesterday being Memorial Day, I started thinking about all the ways we remember people. We remember them for the memories made, for the memories they might have missed, their personality, their phrases, their demeanor. It’s important to live a life that is worth having people remembering.  If you haven’t started that life already, start today.

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Quote of the week (5/18/15)

Quote of the week: The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. – (the late, great, B.B King) 

BB King Quote To say I listened to him often, would be a lie. Though I have always considered myself a fan of B.B. King and his music. Randomly on a Saturday morning while we are busy cleaning, eating breakfast, or playing toys, we will turn on the B.B King Pandora channel and let his sweet, soulful music fill in the background noise in our house.

I was sad to hear of his loss last week.  He is truly one of those entertainers that will be sorely missed but never forgotten.

100 Days of Lessons Learned

Confession: I was wrong for about six years of my life. I thought it was impossible for a working mom to find time in her day to workout daily.

WARNING: This post may contain pictures of me without makeup. 

It all started on a cold day, in a hotel in Missouri.


Day 1

Was I willing to commit my body to 100, sweat inducing, muscle building, life altering days of working out – in a row? The only requirement – get up and move daily.  As a working mom of two kids, I used to be proud of the fact that a couple mornings a week at 5AM I made it to the gym. I always considered myself an active mom, coaching baseball, regularly taking the kids for bike rides and playing catch.  For years I told myself that my life was too busy for me to workout more regularly.

Then I met #workout100: (http://workitout100.com/).v Introduced by a friend who had done it before and posted pictures on Facebook daily of her activities. This friend was crazy busy too: mom of three kids, a teacher, a fitness instructor, taking classes to complete her Masters, on a number of committees for school and church. Maybe 100 days was reasonable. She was going to do another 100 days leading up to her birthday and was looking for others to join her on the journey. My competitive juices started flowing.

That was 101 days ago.

As someone that has always had body image issues, I was going to use this first 100 days to prove I could do it. I wasn’t going to do weigh in or take measurements.  I needed to know first that I could make the time in my busy life for me and for being active.  Along the way I learned a number of lessons:

1) It doesn’t take an hour to get in a good sweat.. Workitout100 doesn’t set stipulations around “what is considered a workout”. However, I do recommend having something that helps with your numbers. I have a Fitbit (remember this post: https://dailydoseofdilemma.wordpress.com/2015/02/15/i-3-my-fit-bit/) that tracks my activity. This helped me establish baselines.

2) Plan ahead. This 100 days wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t look at my calendar in advance to figure out when I was going to get in my daily activity.

3) Find a few cheerleaders. My husband was mine. He encouraged me throughout, asked about my workouts, bought me new workout clothes and never flinched when I told him I was heading to the gym.

4) Documenting helps with accountability. For me, annoying or not, I posted pictures nearly daily of my activities or about what my workout was going to be. I learned along the way that people paid attention to my posts and followed me along on my journey. If I stopped or missed a day, then I had a posse of people that could call me out.


5) Make is social. By the end of this 100 days, I was almost never working out alone. I had a gym buddy that met me Tuesday and Thursday mornings for cardio and weights. I was hitting up new classes at the gym. I was meeting up with friends and family for power walks and runs.


6) Buy some cute workout clothes. Sounds dumb, but it is amazing how motivational a cute pair of workout pants can be.

7) Think into the future. I made a couple of goals along the way. One of those goals was to do a 5K and run the entire thing. Now I am working towards a 10K.

5K8) Try new things.  How boring 100 days would have been if everyday I did the same workout? I can’t even imagine. During this 100 days I made many weekly goals to try a new workout: yoga, warrior ropes, kickboxing, spinning, bootcamps, stairs… This made the 100 days interesting and a learning experience throughout. Like I learned that yoga is still not my thing, but I really like spinning.

9) You’ll be sad when it’s over, even though you aren’t going to stop. My friend asked my husband if he was excited for my 100 days to be over, assuming that it had been a huge burden to our family. He replied, “She’s not stopping at 100.” As I said before, he was one of my biggest supporters and he could just tell that I was enjoying this and also was feeling better.  I was glad that me working out was now not just becoming a habit for me, but also was becoming something that my family had gotten used to and was unfazed by.

day 100

Today was day 101, my husband is out of town on his annual fishing trip and  the weather is crappy out. 101 days ago, I wouldn’t have worked out. Today, I brought my running clothes and went for a 30 minute jog with a coworker in the rain and I’m already figuring out what I can do for day 102.

Thank you #workitout100!

WIO day 86

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Quote of the week (5/11/2015)

Quote of the week:  “You’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”  – Christopher Robin

brave pooh quote

On Friday, my mom, sister and I held a baby shower.  The theme of the shower was baby books.  This quote was read as part of one of the games and I immediately was reminded how much I love Winnie the Pooh stories and the messages that come out of each one. Don’t we all need a friend like Christopher Robin?

In route to a friends house this weekend, my husband and I got to talking about the things we would and would not do. I have always considered myself to be somewhat of a risk-taker; having para sailed, cliff jumped, and even sailed on a flying trapeze. My husband is much more cautious.  I am starting to think about other things I want to try like skydiving.  “…braver than you believe.”

Also this weekend, I ran an 8K Trail run with my sister in an effort to celebrate our mother’s day together.  The furthest I have run in the past is a 5K, so upping it to an 8 was going to be a stretch for me, outside of the fact that it would be on trails with rough terrain and hills.  My  goal wasn’t to run fast but just to finish. “…stronger than you seem.”

This weekend also had me celebrating my own Mother’s day.  At one point in the day I started getting nostalgic, thinking about how much I have learned about being a parent, about my kids, about raising a family.  There isn’t a book you can buy or a course you can take that can truly help you navigate motherhood. I look at my kids though, both strong, funny, smart, silly, athletic, growing… happy and I can’t help but think that I must be doing something right.  “…smarter than you think.”

Silly boys

the best pic I could get

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Quote of the Week (5/4/2015)

Quote of the week: Good people bring out the good in other people. 


How was your weekend?  I hope it was good.  The weather was beautiful – which always makes me appreciative and nostalgic.  On Friday night we had two of our favorite friends over to the house.  Nothing crazy – just a simple bbq and beers. It was nice to catch-up, play outside, laugh. Saturday was more of the same.  I had a great morning workout and was able to spend the day with my kiddos and hubby getting much needed stuff done around the house. On Sunday, the trend continued. Two more intense but very fun workouts with friends, new friends.  I even found time to lay in the yard enjoying the sunshine and giving my body a much needed rest.  Sunday evening, my family got together to celebrate my youngest brother’s birthday. As always, it was a loud house with lots of activity.

I am so thankful for all the good people in my life.

Be sure to take a second to look around and recognize these people in your life too.

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Quote of the week (4/27/2015)

Quote of the week:  Life is a roller coaster.  You can either scream every time you hit a bump OR you can throw up your hands and enjoy it. 


This weekend my husband and I went away the weekend with another couple.  While we were together we were talking about our love (or some lack-there-of) of roller coasters. I have always been one to love a good ride – the higher, the bumpier, the twistier, the faster, the scarier, the better.  I need to do a better job of approaching life with this same viewpoint.

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